Weed Spraying

Common Weeds in Spokane

Broadleaf weeds may include:

  • Dandelion, false dandelion, plantain,
    pigweed, lambsquarters
  • Speedwell (creeping Veronica)
  • Clovers, chickweed (common), pearlwort, yarrow,
    knotweed, English lawn daisy
  • Crabgrass
  • Annual bluegrass


Broadleaf Weed Treatment

2 sprays are recommended and generally coincide with a lawn fertilizer application.  

  • Spring – April – early May (Dandelions & other early weeds)
  • Summer – late May – June (Black medic  aka Japanese clover)
  • Late Summer – July – August (Annuals, purslane, and knotweed)
  • Fall – Sept – October (the most important treatment which cleans up weeds that have seeded late or throughout the season)
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The best defense against Crabgrass is creating a thick, healthy turf!

  • Treatment in April only, before seeds begin to germinate
  • The annual Crabgrass weed loves sunlight and hates shade
  • Appears most often along curbside, driveway, and walkways
  • Will take over in thin unhealthy growing turf areas of your lawn
Crabgrass removal in Spokane

Weed Free Shrub Beds

Rid unwanted weeds from established shrub beds throughout the growing season!

Recommended Treatment Schedule

  • Spring – April
  • Prevent new weed growth by stopping dormant laying seeds from germinating
  • Kill young, actively growing and established weeds
  • Summer – June through August
  • Eliminate weeds that may have escaped earlier treatment due to a built up tolerance to pre-emergent products
  • 2-3 touch ups are highly recommended to maintain control
  • Fall – September through October
  • Fall treatments are available & can be effective
  • Results are less reliable due to factors such as weather conditions
  • The product’s efficacy is diminished during extended or long winter seasons
Weeds in shrub beds
Preemergence products cannot be applied safely during the heat of summer.

Residential/Commercial Bare Ground Spray

Control of all vegetation in areas where unwanted growth is not desired such as driveways, around out buildings, roadsides, parking lot, walkways, and more.

Treatment Schedule

  • Treat when weeds present themselves (typically May – August)
  • Best results obtained when weeds are blooming which is a very active growing state

Factors that Determine Product Type Include

  • The weed’s current growth stage
  • Surrounding plantings
  • Property type and surrounding property types
  • Weather conditions
Bare Ground Weed Removal

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