Artificial Turf


Residential Turf

2-15 Landscaping offers an array of products for your front and back yards. A full range of colors and densities are available and sure to fit your needs. No more mowing, no more watering, no more dead spots and no more dormant seasons.

With 2-15 Landscaping your yards will have that perfectly manicured look all year ’round!

Commercial Turf

2-15 Landscaping knows the cost’s associated with keeping your grounds looking professional and clean. Artificial grass offers a solution for your business on multiple levels. ONE, cut watering and maintenance cost to zero! TWO, continue to have that professional landscape look your clients have come to enjoy. THIRD, be a part of the growing majority of businesses doing their part to help the environment.

Save with 2-15 Landscaping artificial grass today.

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